Create a blog

Yes, you can create a blog and start your website for free with BLOGGER.COM.

Don’t worry it is so simple and easy to create a blog and start a website. I will show you the process step by step, you need to follow the step then you see your website will be ready in 5 minutes.

#Step 1. Go to BLOGGER.COM and sign in with your Google account.

#Step 2. On the top left side, click Create blog.

#Step 3. Choose a name for your blog, it will be display top of your blog. Then click next.

Choose a name for your blog

#Step 4. Then choose a URL for your website, it is the address of how people find you on the web. Click Save.

Choose a URL for your

That’s it your website is live. You can see your website, Go to View blog.

blog view page

To manage your blog you can add a theme to look Beautiful.

Customize the blog you want. Blogger provides you many plugins and the best thing is blogger available in many languages.

Don’t need to hosting & Domain, you can start for free.

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How do I create a blog and start a website?

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